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I see my life as having been a play with three acts. 

The first act was basically, a "white picket fence" act. This act consisted of summer camps, church, school and a host of youth activites. It was full of optimism and love and it lasted for 22 years. 

The second act began with the start of my long hotel career, the leasing of my first apartment and with my beloved grandfather taking me to the bank to cosign on my first loan, allowing me to establish credit. This act saw the chipping away of the paint on my white picket fence, failures and successes and lots of responsibility and it lasted for 40 years. 

The third and final has begun with my planned retirement from the hotel industry and will be my final act. I hope to fill it with many great travel experiences, full of lots of happiness and very little stress. With my retirement, comes the writing of my book about my career, and the remodeling of this virtual building which I have had for many years. I remodeled it to have a place for my hotel colleagues from across the country to come together and fellowship and share helps with one another. And they do so in the Deboor Room, located in the Myrtle Foster Faulkner Memorial Conference Center, located in The Great Hall

I maintain an office here at TheCypressBuilding.com, in Suite1408.com - which is where you are now. And in this office, I sell Domains, promote products of other companies with which I am affiliated and help people to get their own travel related credit cards. I also have a chat room in the office and I'm here each night from 8 until 9 in case anyone wanted to ask me questions or give me comments in real time, either about my friend's hotel OR the products I sell or promote. 

I help my friend at his hotel in his Guest Service department as well as handle his Social Media for his hotel. 

You can always reach me at 651.8355@gmail.com. The address for this office is http://www.Suite1408.com



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